Saturday, June 25, 2016

Still here!

Wow. I cannot believe it has been over 6 months since my last post.  The parenting-related virtual activity for lack of a better descriptor, is still very much ongoing. It is just that medium has shifted from blogging to Facebook groups.

But I still love this space. It is what really helped me keep it together, in the time it took to my baby. I met a mom the other day, and she told me she named her baby the indian equivalent of "victory," because it took her six years to make him. I looked at Gauri, and calculated that it took me 4 years to get to her, and I was staggered because I had forgotten. If you have the kind of psyche that I have, you put past hurts away and forget about them. But that time existed, and you guys were really here for me.

And it has been TWO whole years since I had Gauri!She is growing up to be a tall, tall skinny toddler with rockstar curls that I am not allowed to comb, who gazes lovingly at cookies as she eats them with great concentration (thankfully, oven-roasted broccoli is also devoured with the same devotion), gives random strangers bear hugs, drives her mama nuts by grabbing the toilet brush and waving it around like a sword, and is so, so eager to learn and show off what she knows. She is an incredibly affectionate, sweet, smart child, but there is a healthy dose of the tart to balance the sweet: she is strong-willed with a temper too, and there have been times where I felt like a limp rag after dealing with her meltdowns...thankfully those times are not too frequent.

My next big question is where I will end up in the long run: my job is a wonderful one where I can work remotely from anywhere in the US after a year or two, and a HUGE question is figuring out where I should go. CT, which is where I am now, is not a great long term option.

In addition to great public schools, affordable housing, warm weather, mindset I can relate to, etc, I would also like to find a place that has plenty of other single parent families (I would LIKE the opportunity to date in the future, even if that seems akin to planning a trip to Mars at the present), and that already has friends/family close (this last one is important, I moved to CT having no friends/family in the area, and that sucked). Hitting all these notes is an incredibly tall order, and none of my options fulfills everything on my list. Right now, I am looking hard at Austin, Texas. Feel free to add your inputs about this city, if you have any!          


  1. Hello! So glad to hear all is going well! You have been red flagged on my email account for months...I'm just always getting diverted away by my young-un! I'm going to join FB...honestly...will be in touch xx

  2. So good to hear from you again! I've been following you for those four years and cheering you on from right here in Austin. We have a strong SMC community here that meets monthly these days. Give me a holler if I can help you evaluate this option - I'm happy to help.

    Tara, mom to almost 5yo daughter by choice